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Buzz with Us!


Who are our Buzz Book Advertisers?

Some of the area's most prestigious, well-loved businesses are found in the Buzz Book. This is no accident. These advertisers know those who choose to read the Buzz Book are people they serve. Many of our advertisers remain with us year after year because they get results and they appreciate the quality and local business support that is the Buzz Book.


Women—Ages 2o to 80

That’s who we hear from, that’s who our advertisers hear from and that’s the base of Buzz Book readers. Businesses that cater to women with disposable incomes are our primary clients. (Yes, men do read us as well.)


Where is the Buzz Book Distributed?

We distribute 25,000 Buzz Books! All of our fine advertisers have books on-hand, as well as, libraries throughout the region, spas, restaurants and specialty shops. Corporate offices of some of the area’s most prestigious businesses ask us to deliver a box (150 copies) of each issue. Brides, hotels and bed & breakfast's call for issues to give to their guests—there is an amazing assortment of people who love and ask for The Buzz Book.


The Buzz About the Buzz Book

We love hearing from our loyal advertisers and happy readers.

Here are just a few of the nice things they've had to say about us.

"Such a positive and beautiful magazine. The Buzz Book always helps you find hidden treasures in our community. Great clean pages full of top notch interesting info. Thanks for providing this for all of us." 😊 – Denise M.

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